Scout Design Co. by Lindsay Brown

A super awesome friend of mine just opened an equally awesome design company called Scout. She has always had incredible style both at home and in fashion, and her eye is impeccable! If you live in the Bay Area and you are looking for someone to spruce up your pad, she is the woman for the job! 

I got the distinct pleasure of photographing her beautiful, unique, creative styles for her website. I thought I'd share a few so you can see just how great she is!

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Kaila + Stephen by Lindsay Brown

This one is so, so, so special to me. This gorgeous girl is my niece, who has always been more like a sister since we're only just over 5 years apart. She spent many a summer with us up in Oregon and oh the stories we could tell! I've always had such a respect and love beyond words for her. Watching her grow up into the amazing woman she is has been such a pleasure. She is hilarious, so intelligent, and a loyal and caring friend. Like her mom, there is always fun to be had in her company! Obviously, I could go on and on! 

It was hard to imagine anyone who could match her in all of these ways, until Stephen. It is just so right when you see a couple who bring out the best in each other. As an Aunt, seeing her come alive, be so supported, and have someone who she can count on for the years ahead, well, there is nothing more exciting!

So, congratulations to these two lovely people who hold such a special place in my heart. Here's to many years of love, happiness and laughter!! Thank you for letting me be a part of this special occasion!

Ummmm...model much??

Love you guys!!

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The Future Mrs. Box by Lindsay Brown

This one was a very special one for me for a couple reasons. First, these two are very dear friends of mine, and the fact that they have found one another and the amazing partnership that they have is so refreshing, hopeful and life-giving! Second, this was my very first engagement shoot! A few months back after they were engaged, Tiffany asked me if I would do the photos for their wedding. Talk about an honor!!! To be honest, I had a bit of a freak-out moment, and I've had several since, because I haven't done a wedding before and the importance and weight of responsibility that this occasion carries with it is definitely not lost on me! However, none of the nervousness could overshadow the thrill and excitement I feel to get to document this union!

Congratulations Chris & Tiffany! Only 5 more days to go and you will be saying your vows! 

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A New Addition by Lindsay Brown

Big news (and my explanation for disappearing!), we are expecting our third baby! Given that we had twins the first time around, our legitimate and very important first question was, "how many are there?" We are happy to report we have ONE healthy baby coming in February 2016! 

My first two sleep with their own little Jellycat animal and a Miyim lovie blanket, so naturally I needed to get this little one their own and I've been wanting a reason to get the corduroy fox! And I couldn't resist this amazing baby blanket I found at Bohem. Can't wait to meet this new one and cuddle them up with this soft, cozy blanket :)!

The Red Car by Lindsay Brown

Oh man, I had so much fun on this one! Last year I did this little guy's one-year photos last year and he is just as smiley and cute as ever! It is so much fun to get to see these kids grow up, and to get to document these special times in their lives! 

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