The Future Mrs. Box / by Lindsay Brown

This one was a very special one for me for a couple reasons. First, these two are very dear friends of mine, and the fact that they have found one another and the amazing partnership that they have is so refreshing, hopeful and life-giving! Second, this was my very first engagement shoot! A few months back after they were engaged, Tiffany asked me if I would do the photos for their wedding. Talk about an honor!!! To be honest, I had a bit of a freak-out moment, and I've had several since, because I haven't done a wedding before and the importance and weight of responsibility that this occasion carries with it is definitely not lost on me! However, none of the nervousness could overshadow the thrill and excitement I feel to get to document this union!

Congratulations Chris & Tiffany! Only 5 more days to go and you will be saying your vows! 

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