The Highest Heights / by Lindsay Brown

This shoot by far turned out to be one of my favorite photo shoots! A few weeks ago I got a whole Saturday morning (all by myself!!!) to do some location scouting. I felt like I had over-used the places around my neighborhood and needed to venture out a bit more. When I first chatted with Jen about doing maternity photos, I immediately pictured her standing on a mountain with crazy views behind her like she was on top of the world. So off I went in search of that very mountain and I ended up back in an old hiking spot I used to love in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It starts off on this big grassy hill and winds down into a canyon full of trails and Oak Trees. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Jen has a bigger-than-life, joyful spirit about her and it fit perfectly to have her show off that gorgeous belly up above it all. AND she is every photographer's dream of a subject, up-for-anything, gorgeous and totally comfortable with the camera. We both decided she will be my model for any future scouting I need to do! Thanks in advance Jen ;)! 

We set off in the AM for the beautiful first hour of daylight, and I am love with this morning's sun. 

Click on any of her photos to see the entire gallery. And click here if you'd like to check out Jen's great blog!