Doux Doux and the Family / by Lindsay Brown

This growing family and I had a wonderful time together! The sun going down over the lake was providing some beautiful reflections! I've been messing around with incorporating some VSCO filters in my editing, and I enjoyed putting a bit of a vintage film-feel on these.

"Doux Doux", the lovey-blanket, turned out to be a star in the beginning of the show. I think it is so fun to incorporate a child's lovey or stuffed animal into the photoshoot. It can seem like it might be an eyesore, but I think it can truly add to the nostalgia when you look back on the photos in the years to come and remember how they never used to let that lovey out of their sight. How you always had to figure out creative ways to find the time to wash it, or buy extra and keep them equally rotated, so no "doux doux," was ever more noticeably worn or different than the others.

I had a "doux doux" and I still look back fondly on it :). 

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