I'm Two! / by Lindsay Brown

This little cutie is turning two. I had the privilege of doing his one-year shoot last year and it has been so fun to see him grow into a handsome, smart, playful, silly, kind...and the list goes on...little two-year-old. He and my girls have had some fun times together and it is so fun to think ahead on all the years they will get to be pals!

We headed into the hills for this combo two-year/family shoot, which turned out to coincide with their dog, Hugo's birthday as well! This was my first shoot with a dog, and I loved it! He was such a good sport, even when we tied the balloons on him for a few shots! The sun was perfect and this little guy was very excited to roam the wide-open spaces... 

I could have posted a gazillion more pictures, this shoot is a favorite of mine so far! If you want to see the rest of their gallery, click on any of the photos above.