Zuma / by Lindsay Brown

Welcome Zuma! I know, the coolest name, right?! This lovely family just welcomed their newest addition about 6 weeks back and he is as cute as cute can be! They are totally the up-for-an-adventure type of family, so they were happy to pack up the kids and head to the outdoors for their newborn/family shoot. I have mostly done newborn shoots indoors (which I LOVE), but ya know, second baby and all, things loosen up a bit and taking your newborn out into the woods is more of a "Sure, why not?" kind of idea than a "What? Take my baby where?" kind of idea.

So off we went hiking down some trails, barely avoiding the poison oak lurking around every corner, and frolicking in the meadow nearby. We had such a great time and definitely washed our ankles with cold water and soap when we all got home!

And can we all agree that the beard deserves a gallery of it's own? If the kids weren't so cute, I'd accuse it of stealing the show!

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